Skulpture and Rhythm

There`s no movement without rhythm.

For some years, the combination of these two elements has been a pivot in the artist’s life.

As a multipercussionist, he is fascinated by the polyrhythmic structures of African music as well as the Arab rhythms played on the Darabuka or Riqq. Afro-Cuban rhythms on Tumbadoras are as familar to him as playing the Cajon.

With his works “Perkussiv” he combines these two important key elements of his life.

Sculptures are created, which at first make people curious.

What is that? What is in there? What is on it?

Endless strokes of his hammers stud the surface of the sculptures, countless overlaps of Bembe, Rumba-Clave, Beledi, Maksum, Sheft`e Telli, Karachi, Merenge Haitiano, Tumbao, Guaguanco, Masmudi Kebir …

Noble cherry wood gives these ups and downs, these louds and softs, the ons and offs of the form. The metallic-shimmering pigmentation at first creates the same confusion that European ears feel when listening to polyrhythmic sounds of the Malinke.

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The unique art objects of this cycle PERKUSSIV impress with their expressive physicality, the flowing movements and their intuitively noticeable, rhythmic dynamics.

Feel and understand the rhythm intuitively, let yourself be driven by throbbing different sounds, forms and structures.

Authentic and pure, the sculptures of Dietmar Buerger seem loud and quiet, broken and flowing, like the natural flow of a river that is totally guided by its power and original surroundings.

Cubes, ramps and honeycombs, which extend like a multicultural sound carpet over the given structure, make the viewer enter into something elementary, an individually perceptible, visually rhythmic space, free from conventions, opaque and yet clear, mysteriously mystical and fathomable at the same time.

The individual pigments and layers adhere to the physicality of the objects, like innumerable sound nuances to a melody and reflect the influence of different musical cultures and styles.

Every beginning has its magic, and in the beginning was the rhythm.

Anna Maria Mueller

Rhythm, everywhere rhythm. The night and the day, the sun and the moon, and the way we speak, we breathe, we walk, rhythm, everywhere rhythm.

(Bernhard Schimpelsberger)