Vocational Education, Training and Work Experience:

Since 1992  self employed sculptor
1989  master craftsman
1979 – 1982 training for stonemasonry and sculpting with emphasis on sculpting

Further education:

Guest student at:
L’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, 1999.
Kunsthochschule Mainz, 2002.

Artistic further education through various seminars, workshops, symposia and collaboration with Albert Weissenberger (D), Sunil Kumar Agawal (IND) and the intensive exploration of forming languages ​​in various materials such as stone, wood, bronze, steel.

Since 2002 work in his own studio in Sohren, Hunsrueck.


Since 2010:

-studies of Afro-Cuban percussion with Christoph Kissel (GER) and with Juergen Schuld (GER)
-studies of Konnakol (indian, syllable-based rhytmic language) with Bernhard Schimpelsberger (UK)
-studies of Arabic rhythm with Darabuka and Riqq with Rhani Krija (MAR)

Guest musician at Dhalia’s Lane, Grünspan, Menino, Junodori.

Since 2011:

-initiator and organizer of the experimental music festival “Make Noise” in Sohren
-establishing my own music studio in Sohren
-realisation of the rhythm- and sound-inspired sculptures in wood and stone


2019 KM570 | Koblenz
2019 Kunst im Garten | Reich
2019 Kunst im Kaff | Altlay
2017 Fine Arts Kloster Eberbach
2017 art pu:l | Walzwerk Pulheim
2017 FormArt Glinde | Hamburg
2016 Fine Arts Kloster Eberbach
2016 Nassau-Sporkenburger Hof Lahnstein
2016 Kunst Direkt Mainz
2015 Lichterwerkstatt – Sohren
2015 Perkussiv – Sohren
2015 Galerie Wilmsen | Rheineck (CH)
2014 Galerie Interart | Heeswijk-Dinther (NL)
2002 Rathaus Kirchberg – KunstGestalten
2002 Stadthalle Kirchberg |Laender, Menschen, Situationen in der VG Kirchberg
1996 Mann+Partner, Buchholz -Für die Sinne II
1992 Galerie Mues, Oersfeld – Erotisches

Art in Architecture:

Primary School Riesweiler | Drachenbank


Villa Burgeff | Hochheim
G. u. M. Fischer | Karlsruhe


Kirchberger Kunstpreis Kreiskulturtage 2002

Teaching Experiece:

1997 – 2002    Vice chairman and committee member in the examination board of the Chamber of Crafts in Koblenz for stonemasons and sculptors

1992 – 2002    Lecturer for the examination of the master’s certificate at the Chamber of Crafts for stonemasons and sculptors with focus on fonts, symbols, conception and freehand drawing


Arena 13 Kulturverein Region Kirchberg e.V.

KM570 Kunstverein Mittelrhein e.V.


A beggar is man when he thinks – but a god, when he dreams.

The essence of these words by the romantic Hoelderlin especially against the backdrop of knowing that we are the product of our own decisions not of our environment, do these words essentially shape my view of the world and my work.

To create things in mind, to believe in them, and to let them arise with hands and heart.

It’s like sunrise – whenever you like.

Benjamin Franklin once said:

“There are immovable people, there are moving people, and there are people who move.”

I absolutely like to remain one of the last.

With all this, it helps enormously to feed the right wolf.